Funky Drummer Break - Clyde Stubblefield

Funky Drummer Break

Clyde Stubblefield

Hi-Hat Open Crash Stack Ride Bell Tom 1 Tom 2 Tom 3 Tom 4 Snare Buzz Cross Ghost Flam Kick Kick 2 HH foot ()
Style: Funk
Artist: James Brown
Album: In the Jungle Groove
Released date: 1970
More from: Clyde Stubblefield
Published by: Seb in the book: The Breaks
 If I would’ve known so many people were going hear to that thing, I would’ve played something hipper than that 
Clyde Stubblefield

"Funky Drummer" is a funk song recorded by James Brown and his band. The recording's drum break, performed by Clyde Stubblefield, is one of the most frequently sampled rhythmic breaks in hip hop and popular music.